Rainham campaigner spearheads crusade for better safety measures on Upminster Road South

By Rudi Abdallah in Community News

A CAMPAIGNER from Rainham is leading a crusade for better road safety in the area.

Fay Hough, 29, is striving to get a camera installed on Upminster Road South following a combination of local concern and personal difficulties suffered while driving.

Speaking to the Yellow Advertiser, Fay claimed existing measures designed to tackle speeding were not working which is why she backs speed cameras.

She said: “There are already speed bumps but they haven’t stopped people speeding. I would like a camera which could pick up number plates. We need to think about people’s safety.”

Residents complained that rules of the road are not observed which, Fay fears, could result in an accident: “A lot of local residents are worried about the situation. People park without thinking. A young child will be hurt and that’s what worries me.”

The campaign, which has the backing of Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham, and Rainham and councillors from Barking and Dagenham, began on Monday, April 10.

However, despite some high profile local backing, Fay is more concerned about ordinary residents than big name support.

She said: “I care more about the people. I’ve had a fantastic response on social media. It’s the people I care about more than those on the council.”

The campaigner is also inspired by scares she experienced while driving in the borough.

She spoke of how a crash in Hornchurch ’woke me up to the way I drive and the people around me’.

Threats to safety on Upminster Road South do not just come from motorised vehicles; Fay recalls ’kids doing wheelies in front of me, trying to show off to their mates’, made even more dangerous because of blind spots.

Fay also works as Jon Cruddas’s co-ordinator for his Havering offices in Rainham, Elm Park and South Hornchurch.

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