How one woman may have banished unhealthy food from Basildon Hospital's vending machines forever

By YA Reporter in Health

UNHEALTHY foods could be banned from vending machines at Basildon Hospital.

Nigel Beverley, chairman of the hospital trust, is investigating a ban after it was proposed by a resident who visited the hospital.

Jacky Rands, 51, from Ramsden Heath, said she was running an information stall for dementia sufferers in the hospital foyer when she spotted that its vending machines were filled with unhealthy foods.

She said: “All the food in the vending machines was diabolical. They were full of sugary and fatty foods like sweets and crisps, and fizzy drinks.”

Jacky spotted Mr Beverley as he entered the hospital and collared him as he walked past.

She said: “I took him over to the vending machine and said, ’Look at all this. There’s no nutritional value in there whatsoever. It’s just horrendous’.

“I don’t think someone like Basildon Hospital should be advocating those types of foods. People are eating them and then ending up on the hospital’s wards, and the hospital is encouraging them to keep eating them.

“I told him it’s not good enough. The hospital should be selling food that helps people’s health. He said I was right and that he would take it to the board.”

A Basildon Hospital spokesman confirmed Mr Beverley would raise the concerns.

They said: “Nigel Beverley agreed that he would look into the matter. His inquiries will take place in the coming weeks.”

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John · 193 days ago · Report

Did you go to the WRVS, the hospital cafe and the hospital shop to ensure they were included in your blanket ban? Vending machines are a route to market and an easy target for busybodys and the nanny state. This ban is wrong on so many levels, I'm an adult and if I want a snack at 2am waiting for my sick child what gives you the right to stop me, your not forced to buy anything, it's an option that is clearly has a reasonable demand, if it wasn't commercially viable it would have been removed.

Kieron Dupree · 193 days ago · Report

This is a little bit mad to be honest. I agree that there should be healthy options, but we're supposed to be a country that believes in the freedom of choice! Put both in there. I'm sure that older patients and diabetics will rejoice at the choice of sugar free and nutritional options, however I think they'll definitely have something to say when the kids won't stop complaining because a there's nothing for them to eat/drink that they like.

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